Engine for Sale or Lease: CFM56-3

Available Engine: CFM56-3
Model: CFM56-3
CFM56-3 (CFM56-3C1, CFM56-3B1 & CFM56-3B2) engines are manufactured by CFM International for Boeing 737 Classic family aircraft (737-300, 737-400 & 737-500) which were produced from 1984 - 1999. Thrust rating ranges from 18,500 lbs. to 23,500 lbs.
Engine Type Model Manufacturer ESN Available For Available Country Location Owner Website Contact
CFM56-3C1CFM56-3General Electric857116SaleNowUSASage PopovichView Brian Bolin
CFM56-3C1CFM56-3General Electric726270SaleNowIsraelIAI EnginesView Nimrod Ashtamker
CFM56-3C1CFM56-3General Electric858484LeaseNowIsraelIAI EnginesView Nimrod Ashtamker
CFM56-3C1CFM56-3General Electric856373SaleNowUSAPowerhouse CapitalView Eric Engdahl
CFM56-3C1CFM56-3General Electric860106LeaseNowUSAPowerhouse CapitalView Eric Engdahl
CFM56-3C1CFM56-3General Electric725906LeaseNowUSAPowerhouse CapitalView Eric Engdahl
CFM56-3B2CFM56-3General Electric857278Sale or LeaseNowEuropePowerhouse CapitalView Eric Engdahl
CFM56-3B2CFM56-3General Electric725490Sale or LeaseNowEuropePowerhouse CapitalView Eric Engdahl
CFM56-3C1CFM56-3General Electric856270SaleNowUSALogistic AirView Vandi Cooyar
CFM56-3C1CFM56-3General Electric727209SaleNowUSALogistic AirView Vandi Cooyar
CFM56-3C1CFM56-3General Electric727339Sale or LeaseNowUSAAerSaleView Garrett Moffett
CFM56-3C1CFM56-3General Electric860179SaleNowNorwayAviation Power, IncView Shachar Avidar
CFM56-3C1CFM56-3General Electric726126Sale or LeaseNowUSALogistic AirView Vandi Cooyar
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