About Aero Connect


Aero Connect is an internet aviation equipment marketplace that matches buyers and sellers. Its well-known brand and proven track record has positioned Aero Connect to lead the aviation industry in the efficient distribution and sales of aviation equipment using web-based technology.

Aero Connect was launched in 2011 with the primary objective of using the internet to efficiently connect available aircraft and engines to end-users seeking to purchase or lease available equipment. Aero Connect’s impressive commercial track record, described below, is generated through the efficient use of the internet.


Aero Connect maintains over 7,200 key commercial contacts at over 1,800 aviation companies including over 525 airlines. This highly targeted aviation network receives weekly emails containing available aircraft and engines advertised on Aero Connect’s website.


Aero Connect maintains highly targeted sub-networks from its Global Aviation Network (above) that identifies and catalogs key aviation personnel that are specifically responsible for the procurement of aircraft, engines, engine stands and APUs.


Aero Connect’s website typically receives about 1,500 global aviation visitors each month. These visitors are specifically searching for available aircraft, engines, engine stands and APUs. Aero Connect’s website typically contains over 400 available aircraft, engines, engine stands and APUs totaling over $3.0 billion.


Aero Connect’s entire business is built around a highly customized Salesforce database, which is used to manage industry contacts, aviation companies and fleet data.


Through ongoing correspondence with its growing airline network, Aero Connect internally generated over 1,900 aircraft, engine, engine stand and APU requirements from airlines since 2012. On average, Aero Connect generates over 50 end-user requirements per month. This is in addition to the requirements that Aero Connect’s listing customers receive through website traffic.

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